and I really wanted to say something about how I enjoyed Brave a lot, but part of me is finding it difficult to enjoy Brave as much as I could because 1) dammit, Pixar, why did it take you this long, and 2) WOW I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL WE GET TO THE POINT WHERE WE CAN HAVE A STORY ABOUT A FEMALE CHARACTER WHERE THE PLOT DOESN’T REVOLVE AROUND HER FEMALENESS! I was going to say something about how that caused me to go back through other Pixar movies in my head and think about what they would be like genderswapped— and, alright, they could argue that a female ~monster would be a tough sell, even though I wouldn’t necessarily agree, and a fem!Sully who was just as gregarious and good-natured and competent and utterly bewildered by tiny children (and a fem!Wazowski! Who was just as sarcastic and melodramatic and devoted and egotistical and weird!) would be AWESOME, and, sure, they could act like “Lightning McQueen is a dude because he’s a racecar, and racing is an industry heavily dominated by dudes,” but that would be lame, and what about the vain fast-talking Lightning McQueen who’s good and knows it but is also a girl? (Car. A girl car. TALKING ABOUT CARS IS WEIRD BECAUSE IT’S A MOVIE ABOUT CARS OKAY LET’S MOVE ON)

And, fine, The Incredibles, after a point, wouldn’t be much different, but having the super-strong woman long for the glory days while the man just wants to focus on family would be a really interesting spin on things— but what about the Toy Story where Jessie’s the hero? Or what about—

—and this was the point where I stopped thinking, tumblr, because THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS WITH RATATOUILLE.

There’s just. There’s NO REASON this couldn’t have happened, tumblr. There is NO REASON why this story (this story that I love! Ratatouille is my favorite Pixar movie, in case you didn’t know, UNPOPULAR OPINIONS WHAT WHATTTTT) about art and criticism and trust and success and self-discovery and the all-consuming, unquenchable need to create— why couldn’t it have been a story about a girl? (A girl rat, yes, true, but it would still be a step in the right direction.) YOU WOULDN’T HAVE TO CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE ABOUT THE STORY, IT COULD LITERALLY BE THE EXACT SAME MOVIE BUT JUST WITH A FEMALE LEAD CHARACTER! Because sometimes women have experiences that are centered around their femaleness, but sometimes they also have experiences that are centered around their other ideas and traits and abilities, because I’m pretty sure women have those! I MEAN, SO I’VE HEARD, IDK, DON’T QUOTE ME ON THAT ONE.

I was GOING to say all that, tumblr, but I got distracted by how much girl!Remy would have changed my life.

So sorry.