Hannibal ladies + House words

Hear Me Roar | Freddie Lounds | House Lannister
Winter is Coming | Bedilia DuMaurier | House Stark
Family. Duty. Honor | House Tully | Abigail Hobbs
Fire and Blood | House Targaryen | Beverly Katz
Ours is the Fury | House Baratheon | Margot Verger
Growing Strong | House Tyrell | Alana Bloom 
We Do Not Sow | House Greyjoy | Miriam Lass
Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken. | House Martell | Bella Crawford
As High As Honor | House Arryn | Kade Prurnell

Hannibal + Scenery



please tell me im not the only one who remembers that photoset/gif that went around where it has the final scenes of death note where light is trying to defend himself but someone replaced the text so it was him teaching them how to swim


blueblurry asked:
Black Star, Sayaka, Terezi, Link (does this count??) and RYUKO (THERE'S A PATTERN DO U SEE IT)

ARE YOU ASKING FOR ME OR DO YOU WANT ME TO ANSWER THESE FOR YOU LIKE YOU SAID BEFORE. whatever. i’ll do them for me like the meme is intended bc if you want to know what you have in common with these characters you can DO IT YOURSELF

BLACK STAR: if something is important to me i am going to be the BEST at it and if i am NOT the best at it then i am going to FIGHT EVERYBODY WHO IS!!!! also i love my friends a lot but im not always very good at like. recognizing what they need. or understanding that they have lives and interests and things outside of me. things besides me??? UNPOSSIBLE

SAYAKA: commits entirely to kind of impulsive and misinformed decisions. refuses to ask for help. also i do think i understand her impulse to believe the absolute best of people/the world/herself, as well as her frustration when things don’t conform to that expectation

TEREZI: when i care about something i go ALL-OUT for it, ill execute stuffed animals if thats what adds realism, man, ill do it. also OH MAN all the stuff with doomed dave where all of her feelings of empathy and humanity come just too little too late?? geeeeeeez. and all of the. what good is KNOWING all this stuff if it doesnt immediately make everything better and easier!! GOSH

LINK: jesus christ. i mean link doesn’t— well i guess OBVIOUSLY link doesn’t complain about stuff he doesn’t SAY ANYTHING, but the tendency to take bizarre and terrible things and just be like “well ok. i guess this is happening now. shrug.” also i love princess zelda. and im bad at expressing myself

RYUKO; THIS IS HARD………. GOING BY LIKE THREE EPISODES………………………………………………….. i would definitely start a club of which i was the only member and use it to challenge people but instead of a fight club it would be a me telling people about robins club. also acting Very Cool and then getting SUPER FLUSTERED esp. about sex stuff. also for some reason i attract total weirdos.

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neon orange shoes


neon orange shoes